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Visiting Greece

Maria Fragkiadaki & Sebastien Vachez (voice & guitar)

Greek songs by the composer Manos Hadjidakis (1925-1994) arranged by Sebastien Vachez. Like Theodorakis, he is very popular in Greece and he is responsible for the introduction of Rebetiko – bouzouki’s (traditional instrument) music- in classical music culture. He composed popular songs and soundtracks, as well as more serious works. In 1961, he received the Oscar for the best soundrack (Children of Pireus interpreted by Melina Merkouri), composed for Jules Dassin’s film “Never on Sunday”. His cycle of songs ’Magnus Eroticus’, probably his masterpiece, is largely represented on this program. There are poems from ancient Greek poets (Sapho, Euripides), medieval and modern poets, as well as a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca.

CD HOMMAGE A MANOS HADJIDAKIS (a tribute to Manos Hadjidakis)

1 Stou Digeni ta kastra/ Στου Διγενή τα κάστρα

2 Me tin Ellada karavokiri/ Με την Ελλάδα καραβοκύρη

3 Pera sto tholo potami/ Πέρα στο θολό ποτάμι

4 Perimpanou/ Περιμπανού

5 Me tin proti stagona tis vrohis/ Με την πρώτη σταγόνα της βροχής

6 Meres tou 1903/ Μέρες του 1903

7 Erota esy/ Έρωτα εσύ

8 O ephialtis tis Persephonis/ Ο εφιάλτης της Περσεφόνης

9 Kelomai se Gogkyla/ Κέλομαί σε Γογγύλα

10 Mirizi o kosmos giasemi/ Μυρίζει ο κόσμος γιασεμί

11 S’agapo/ Σ’αγαπώ

12 I Marianthi ton anemon/ Η Μαριάνθη των ανέμων

13 Odos oniron/ Οδός ονείρων

Recorded in February and March 2015/ Sound engineer : Olivier Moyne/ Art direction : Pierre Goliot/ Mastering : Isabelle Davy/ Design : Didier Daret/ Photos : Pierre Colletti